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About Us

Escarpment PM is a family owned and operated Landscaping company that believes in a customer first approach. We always ensure that each job is completed to your standards and where applicable we always find a positive solution regardless of the situation.


Meet the Team

Family helping families


Garreth Lloyd


Garreth is a family man with a wife and beautiful daughters at home. His work background is in lawn maintenance and garden care. He also works as a program coordinator for a ski club in the winter. His attention to detail and work ethic will ensure that your lawn and garden will always look its best. With a background also in customer service he will make sure all your questions and concerns are answered before any of the works starts. 


Dave Lloyd


I remember in High school a long long time ago. I filled out an aptitude test to see what career I should follow. The results said "I would be best suited for agriculture". "No way" my young mind said! 

36 years later, I have successfully owned a New car franchise and a Cottage resort. I didn't know it then, but working with the land is where I am most happy. So looking for a challenge, and at 54 years old I have decided to go into business with my son and follow my first love. 

Things to remember!!

I always try to fuss over and take care of people's needs.

I achieve this by actively listening, creating a plan and look for clues that I know will help put it all together.

and finally, I believe in completing a task on time and within your budget.


Mitchell Lloyd

Head of Lawn Care

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